Joachim Bouyjou

Réalisateur nature et société

little brother of arctic
scriptwriter, cameraman, 
directed by  Hugo braconnier et frederic labie
National emblem, food coveted by tourists, the fate of the Puffin is controversial in Iceland. Since 2007, no longer puffins breed in the south of the island.
A disturbing phenomenon that raises questions. What could thus disturb a breeding ritual perdurait for hundreds of years? Fishermen who still harvest more fish? Hunters who perpetuate ancestral traditions? Mass tourism which is allowed at all?
The fate of the puffin is at the heart of human ambivalence on environmental protection, torn by the urgency of protecting endangered species, economic and cultural traditions problems.

26' Full HD 16:9
48kHz Stéréo

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26' Full HD 16:9
48kHz Stéréo


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