Joachim Bouyjou

Réalisateur nature et société



I grew up in Burundi (Africa). After studying biology, I had used to travel a lot.

I soon had the need to tell in pictures my experience and my meetings abroad. So I naturally turning to nature film school and environment for IFFCAM to associate Biology and Films.


Human nature has always passionate relationship. Some countries either, every culture develop a special relationship with its environment I try to immortalized with a story.


What I find exciting in the cinema that's able to stage reality. A unique experience to every project, share with characters from the film whether human or animal.

Bring the viewer a certain vision of what surrounds us, at the boundary between fantasy and reality ....






La tourterelles des bois | 52' - Documentary migration from gâtine grove to Senegal. - Produit by Fifo Distribution


Le Petit frère de l’Arctique | 43’-Collective documentary about the status of puffins in Iceland


Série of 6 x 5’  Cheval TVSFET


Le Temps d’un pas | 33’ - Documentary portrait of three horses users in France
Grelots | 30’ Fiction


Assistant Camera & Post-Production

Volcan Odyssey | 52’ - directed by François De Riberolles | St Thomas Production
A New Prehistory | 52’ directed by Bertrand Loyer et Emma Baus | St Thomas Production and arte


University courses

Bachelor's degree Organisms, Populations and Ecosystem Biology

Master's degree 2 Wildlife Documentary, Nature and Environment in IFFCAM



Graphism | Adobe Photoshop
Editing and coding | Final Cut Pro, Adobe Première Pro, Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder

Authoring | Adobe Encore
Sound editing | Protools